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Welcome, you have landed on the website of the best track and field program in the state of Georgia.  We believe in leveraging innovation, science and technology in our training program.  The coaches of the Quarter Horses program understand that speed is synonymous with strength and if you want to get an athlete faster you have to get them stronger and make them technically sound.  Interested yet?  If so, please take time to view the website and contact us if you have question or want to setup a visit.     Coaches of the Quarter Horses Track Club believes that track and field is an individual sports and athletes should be training accordingly.  By leveraging innovation, science and technology we have been able to streamline our training process to the point where athlete success if almost a guarantee assuming the athlete is giving their best effort  The Quarter Horses Track Club was founded in 2008.  The goal of the Quarter Horses Track Club is to establish an avenue in which young athletes can learn the fundamentals of running and Track and Field competition.  The head coach Michael Montgomery has coached on various track clubs around the Atlanta area and his goal is to take the best of what he has learned while being associated with those track clubs and integrate those aspects into the Quarter Horses Track Club program.  Some of what he has learned is that being big isn’t always being better and thus the Quarter Horses Track club will never carry more than 30 athletes on the current roster.  He has also learned it is a lot easier to convert a sprinter into a distance runner than it is to convert a distance runner into a sprinter.  You have never heard a person say “I was just too fast to run the 800”.   With that thinking Coach Mike believes (for 12 and under athletes) everyone is a sprinter until proven different.  Although we have athletes who run the 800 and 1500 are based training is based on long sprint work.  The Quarter Horses accept the belief that speed is synonymous with strength so if you want to get an athlete faster get them stronger and reinforce the running fundamentals.  As within the name, the Quarter Horses Track Club uses the 400m dash as its base training model.  The belief is that it takes equal development of the five main energy systems in order to be a successful 400m runner.  Meaning that our program takes a holistic approach to development by focusing on the Speed energy system, Power energy system, Speed Endurance energy system, Endurance energy system, Strength Endurance energy system.  By developing those energy systems you are not only developing a good runner, but you are also developing a good athlete.  This development approach has allowed our program to be extremely successful over the six years of existence by netting over 80% of athletes qualified for the Junior Olympics without the use of relays.  Athletes have qualified in various events ranging from the 100m dash to the 1500m run.   The Quarter Horses is a team-driven off technology and we use technology for training, communication, accounting, and just about everything

Our History.

"If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven't done anything today." — Lou Holtz

In actuality, the Quarter Horses Track Club started out of a need.  A need for good and proper development of athletes.  You see, prior to being a coach I was a parent and after coaching on various teams throughout Georgia I realized that much of the training that was taking place on the teams I had been coaching on wasn’t producing the results I was expecting.  Also, in addition to being a parent and coach, I am also a man of science, and the “geek” in me made me start researching the best way to develop runners.  After months of research, I came to the conclusion that what we were doing was wrong.  Not only was it wrong and not producing the desired results but it was also ineffective and a waste of time.  The coaching methodology we were using was antiquated and needed to be revised and reevaluated based on modern science.  Unfortunately, the problem with gaining new knowledge is it forces change and change can be hard especially for teams that were already established and satisfied with the status quo, and being an assistant coach made it difficult to effect change.  After some prayer, some convincing from potential parents and athletes the Quarter Horses Track Club was conceived. 


October of 2008 the Quarter Horses TC went live.  We went live with 14 athletes and our home track was Henry County High School in McDonough GA.  We actually went live with no name, we started to practice being the “team out of Henry County”.  Although we went live with no name we did have a purpose.  Our purpose was simple, succeed and we defined succeeding simply by winning, and if you didn’t win you should have executed the event properly. The formula to accomplish that goal was also simple, train harder than the competition. Clyde Hart said speed is synonymous with strength so if you want to get an athlete faster get them stronger and this made perfect sense with everything I had learned.  I also learned from coaching on other teams that big wasn’t better, relays were icing on the cake and not the cake.   So here we are, 14 athletes, only one coach with experience, no money, no donations, and no name so how do we get the program off the ground.  Creativity and innovation.  Have you ever seen hurdles made out of PVC pipe, not pretty? Or how about sleds made from milk carts, also not pretty.   Our weights were cinder blocks.  We learned very quickly that cute had no relation to effective. Eventually, we did acquire some “traditional” training equipment but even with that equipment we still had to get creative. Now you are probably thinking new club, no money, a small team, inexperience coaches we would get killed our first year?  Think again, we were very successful in our first year.   Of 14 athletes we qualified 10 for the Junior Olympics in competitive events.  Although we didn’t have all the necessary tools for the trade we had a big chip on our shoulder and some very dedicated coaches


Since 2008 the Quarter Horses Track Club has been able to maintain success year after year and season after season.  We have also become the standard by which all track clubs are measured and have become a household name on the track circuit.  Our success on the track is due to us following these  simple principles 


1) train harder than the competition

2) train smarter than the competition

3) embrace innovation, technology, and science in training

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Our Coaches.

Success isn't owned, it's leased. And rent is due every day.— J.J. Watt
Coach Mike

Founder & Head Coach

Coach Murray

Assistant Head Coach

Coach Shamika

Assistant Coach

Coach TT

Assistant Coach


Joining The Quarter Horses

"Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” — Lou Holtz

Joining the Quarter Horses Track Club, as with any Track & Field Club is simply a matter of paying a fee and filling out some paperwork. The real question isn’t what does it take to join the Team but what does it take to be a Quarter Horse?Athletes of the Quarter Horses Track Club are held to a higher standard than most teams, supported by the thought of how can you expect great things if we don’t demand great things! A thought that carries to the track. At Quarter Horses Track Club “training hard” is an understatement. We train for one reason and one reason only, to dominate! Our athletes learn that winning and losing a race happens well before the track meet occurs, the gun sounds and before the first, second and final calls. Winning is determined in all the conditioning and training sessions leading up to the race, well out of the sight of fans. Often referred to as the “grunt work” of the sport. The greatness of Track and Field is in its purity. In most, Refs and Coaches don’t determine the outcome of a competition. It’s all about what’s in you. Track and Field is as mental as it is physical. Thus, we train our athletes to be mentally strong with the hope that such “ mental toughness” carries over in their endeavors on and off the track. Consequently, we require that all our athletes possess determination, integrity, humbleness, confidence and last but not least a willingness to learn. These attributes are key to becoming a successful athlete as well as a successful and productive individual. If you feel like you can live up to what you have just read then I welcome you to join the Quarter Horses Track Club.


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