Start Strong
Finish Stronger
Success isn't given
it's earn
to Dominate
Forget Average
be Extraordinary
the moment
being Great
Start Unknown
Finish Unforgettable
Live Life
400m at a time
Winning is
Simply about execution
I Don't Jump
I soar
At set
Beast Mode On
All it takes
Is All You Got
Wishes Don't
Win Races
Set A
New PR
Fast in
Every Race
Run hungry
Taste Victory
A Revolution
In Motion
Run to
Be Remembered
How are we different

Coaches of the Quarter Horses Track Club believes that track and field is an individual sports and athletes

Training Philosophy

Athletes associated with the Quarter Horses Track Club will have a customized training times specific to individual fitness level

Quarter Horse Way

Athletes of the Quarter Horses Track Club are held to a higher standard than most teams, supported by the thought of how can you

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Since you are reading this I can only assume that you are truly passionate about Track & Field and perfecting your athlete's craft.



You have landed on the website of the best track and field program in the state of Georgia. We believe in leveraging innovation, science and technology in our training program. The coaches of the Quarter Horses program understand that speed is synonymous with strength and if you want to get an athlete faster you have to get them stronger and make them technically sound. Interested yet? If so, please take time to view the website and contact us if you have question or want to setup a visit.

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